Why I keep going back to a magical place I call Camp


I sit at my computer with my heart pounding and hands shaking, as I wait for the digital clock to turn to the magical number that marks the opening of online camp registration for counselors. You see, it’s like The Hunger Games, and sometimes, within 30 seconds, all counselor spots get filled.

I make a point to block out my schedule a year in advance, so I’m able to make coming to Family Camp a priority. Why, you ask? Because of the subtle and changing expressions you wear on your face throughout the weekend, Dear Parents…it’s your eyes that are insight to your unsaid thoughts, and the rawness of the in-between moments that reveal your true feelings.

I see your Continue reading Why I keep going back to a magical place I call Camp

Running is like drinking beer

Running is like drinking beer (or any kind of alcohol). For some people, it’s an acquired taste.

There was a time in my life when I hated running with a passion, when running half a mile was torturous and I told myself I’d rather die. And when I gained 35 pounds and read that the quickest way to lose weight was to pick up jogging…I gave it a go (and still hated it initially). But that’s the shorter version of the story.

The fact that I gained weight wasn’t the real issue. Sure, I wasn’t happy that I didn’t look like I did in high school anymore. But the weight was just surface level problem.

The real issue was I hated life. I hated myself, and every part of my being. I felt stuck, depressed, hopeless, gross, because I felt like I couldn’t get out of the life I was given. I felt victimized. And then I hated how I felt about that. And hated the fact I felt stuck. I could go on. It was a vicious cycle (insert angry Hulk smash here)…

I knew the only Continue reading Running is like drinking beer

You are deserving of love, but…

You deserve someone who thinks you are perfect through all of your imperfections.

We all deserve it.

But while you’re waiting or proactively searching, there’s something you should know. Continue reading You are deserving of love, but…

How to know when you’ve found that person

While you’ve got your head in the love cocktail that’s got you feeling swooned and gaga over your MCM (man crush Monday) or WCW (woman crush Wednesday), you’re missing all the important aspects for what could truly be key to a successful and long-lasting relationship.

There are many questions you probably should be asking yourself throughout a dating relationship, but only really THREE that I feel are most important and determines whether or not he/she is that person for you. Continue reading How to know when you’ve found that person

How to kick divorce in the ass

I know, I snuck it in there last week. The big “D” word…

Yes, this is my reality. I am 37. DI-to-the-freaking-VORCED. And sometimes wondering what the heck I’m doing with my life.

Nobody ever decides to get married with the intention of getting a divorce. But divorce happens. Sometimes, it hits you like a ton of bricks unexpectedly. Other times, you see it coming from a million miles away, and you still attempt to cling on to the security. Usually, any relationship (marriage or not) is over long before it actually “officially” ends. At least for one person anyway.

The difficulty is not in the decision itself, but in Continue reading How to kick divorce in the ass

Hello, World!

Hello world! Let’s get straight to the point.

I’m just going to leave it right here: I don’t have a formal, legal piece of paper indicating that I’m a professional in any of the topics I blog about. This is a library of my thoughts- a medium for expressions. So while I may sometimes say things with passion or gusto, they’re all my personal thoughts.

I feel the need to emphasize such, because Continue reading Hello, World!