About Me

Life is an adventure. Be a badass. And have no regrets!

Hi, I’m Teresa. Coffee, laughter and meaningful conversations are my jam. I’m a dreamer and a creative first; the practical side follow immediately, and take precedence.

I love meeting new people and enjoy the process of strangers becoming friends. I don’t take BS. It irks me when I feel like I have to read peoples’ mind because they don’t say what they mean. And I have very little-no tolerance for toxic relationships- life is short, I believe in living my life to the fullest, and that means I don’t have time for people who play mind games and refuse see the ugly truths about themselves.

Some would say that makes me inconsiderate, intolerant, and just plain mean. I say it’s because I am self aware, and know what I can and cannot handle; what stresses me out. I am all for challenging situations and people in life that make me think about the areas I could change and grow in. I also know where I need to draw the line, so as to preserve and protect my heart and mental wellness.

I started this blog because I wanted to keep a catalogue of my thoughts, self discoveries, and sometimes where I like to rant- regardless of who is listening/reading. Regardless of who agrees with my thoughts on paper. In fact, don’t believe or take to heart anything I say. Or do. I say what I mean, and am straightforward about it. Sometimes that rubs people the wrong way. If that is you, I encourage you to leave this Blog and following other talented human beings and writers who may be a better fit for what you are searching for.

If you’re jellying with my personality on here, despise bullshit, appreciate authenticity in others, and live life’s adventures with a growth mindset…and if you’d like to walk this growth journey with me, let’s be friends!

I also happen to be an Empowerment Coach.

I help people like you find your inner badass, so you can live a well-balanced and fulfilling life with courage and authenticity.

There is already a greatness within you. Let’s work together to find your true voice, become who you want to be and all that you can be.

If you’d like to explore your personalized Empowerment Coaching Journey further, please complete the Contact form HERE to schedule your 30 minute complimentary session.

Let’s unleash the badass within you!

Here’s to a life filled with adventures and no regrets,