You are deserving of love, but…

You deserve someone who thinks you are perfect through all of your imperfections.

We all deserve it.

But while you’re waiting or proactively searching, there’s something you should know.

You’ve got to be intentional in living your life.

Three mantras.

1. Do more of what sets your soul on fire.

Everyone’s talking about self love lately. But what does that mean?

When we do things we love, it adds positive energy into our lives. Stress, worry, anxiety, constantly being in our own thoughts…all those things break us down. It’s like dying a slow death (ok, maybe that’s a bit dramatic). But it eats away at us.

Life filled with small occasional moments of doing something that we love (a short stroll on the beach, a hike to breathe in fresh mountain air, try something you’ve always wanted to do, getting a mani/pedi, or even just taking a super long shower), will really add more joy to our lives.

Recharge your batteries like you would fill your car’s gas tank. Don’t let yourself run on empty.

2. Give online dating a real chance.

…and if you do, be fearless when it comes to love.

Online dating allows you to filter through a larger pool of people in the least amount of time. It takes the heart/emotions out of the initial conversations, so you can think practically with your head first.

But if you do the online dating thing, you’ve got to go about it strategically (another post for another time. We can decode online dating together).

And when you find someone you want to explore the possibility of a relationship with, be fearless- be fearless in not holding back your feelings. Be fearless in being authentically you.

Don’t run away the second something reminds you of your past…because something resembling a red flag doesn’t necessarily mean it is.

Because if you play the dating game and do the things you think you’re supposed to do…in the end, it is just a game. How would you ever know which persona they fell for in the first place? And if they fell for the mask you put on, disappointment is inevitable when the mask comes off. And it will come off at some point.

I’d rather have someone not like me for me, than to like me for who I am not.

I dare you to just be you.

3. Enjoy being single.

…this also means don’t cling on to relationships longer than necessary.

Casual dating or casual sex may provide you temporary satisfaction. And seriously, no judgment here. You do you. Please just also keep in mind that every moment you’re with the wrong person keeps you away from meeting someone who could be totally and utterly compatible with you. Just sayin’.

This also doesn’t mean you should be on constant lookout for someone who could be “more compatible” than the person you’re currently with. Give each relationship 100%, and end the relationship because something in that doesn’t feel right; don’t end it because you’re wondering if Person B you made eye contact with at the grocery store the other day would be more compatible than the Person A that you’re dating right now.

Embrace your singleness, don’t feel like you have to justify your singleness to anybody, and don’t go from person to person (no matter what kind of relationship you define it to be), looking for them to fulfill any part of you.

If you don’t know how to be alone and still fully enjoy life, then you’re always going to look for someone else to fulfill some part of you. And you just might keep getting disappointed…


If you want to build deep and meaningful relationships, step into your own greatness, and live your life filled with balance, fulfillment, and true authenticity, contact Teresa to schedule your new client complimentary session HERE. Live your life with no regrets! Let’s embark on your personal Coaching Journey together. 🙂

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