How to kick divorce in the ass

I know, I snuck it in there last week. The big “D” word…

Yes, this is my reality. I am 37. DI-to-the-freaking-VORCED. And sometimes wondering what the heck I’m doing with my life.

Nobody ever decides to get married with the intention of getting a divorce. But divorce happens. Sometimes, it hits you like a ton of bricks unexpectedly. Other times, you see it coming from a million miles away, and you still attempt to cling on to the security. Usually, any relationship (marriage or not) is over long before it actually “officially” ends. At least for one person anyway.

The difficulty is not in the decision itself, but in mustering the courage to call “the time of death.”

We are so fearful of the unknown. The what-if’s. The inability to control. What would other people think…?

It’s scary as hell.

But once the decision is made (doesn’t matter by whom), the long process comes to an end and you realize you are in fact officially and legally f-in’ DIVORCED…Life.Must.Move.On.

What you choose with how you move on is entirely up to you. How will you choose to see the tornado that came right at you and seemingly turned everything into a pile of sh**? What will you do with it?

Did you know that eagles aren’t afraid of storms that come their way? Wait, scratch that. I don’t know if they get afraid or not. But I know that regardless of what fear, they watch and wait for the storm clouds to come, in order to use the wind to lift them up higher above the clouds. It’s in the storm, that they can relax their wings and allow the wind to carry them. To help them fly high.

What will you choose to do when a storm comes into your life? Will you run away, or will you choose to stay, face it head on, and use the wind from that storm to help you overcome, surpass, and FLY?

Life’s storms are scary. Not having control over what happens is scary. The unknown of what’s to come is frightening. I get it. Really, I do.


CHOOSE to face the storm (don’t let your fear make decisions for you- don’t run away from the marriage you should fight for, and don’t stay in toxicity that is killing your soul and every part of your being).

CHOOSE to look for the wind in that storm (change your perspective of the situation that got thrown at you).

CHOOSE to use the wind to lift you above the clouds (use the harsh reality of your circumstance, as well as the downward spiral of negative thoughts and doubts, as an opportunity to not just learn more about yourself, but to GROW from it).

Make the CHOICE to fly high, my friends.




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3 thoughts on “How to kick divorce in the ass”

  1. Word, my friend. Been there, in the shit storm and then flipped the script. From my viewpoint you’re flying pretty damn high these days. It’s amazing how freeing it can be to face the winds of change…makes us more fearless and ready to take on any other changes that stand in our way. Keep crushing this life thing…you truly rock.xoxo


    1. Thank you so much for those empowering words of kindness and encouragement! It means a lot. 🙂 And heck yeah…let’s keep crushing this life thing! And if we can’t be fearless in the moment, then we do it scared. Because we are badasses.


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